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    Colours by Hayley

    Hayley Bolding OAM is your expert Colour and Style consultant in Melbourne Australia.


    Hosting classes in both Colour Analysis and Style, Hayley is passionate about supporting women and men to find their best selves.


  • Colour Analysis

    Do you ever feel like some colours don't look right? Like you never have anything to wear? Want to look good and feel great?


    Colour Analysis is the life-changing process of discovering the clothing, makeup and jewellery that will make you shine.


    During a Colour Analysis consultation session, Hayley will find the colours that suit you best making shopping a breeze. Look forward to a lifetime of compliments and feeling beautiful and confident.


    Classes can be done individually or as a group (always best shared with some friends and champagne)!


    Men’s classes are also available.


    The cost for Colour Analysis is $320per person and takes 1-2 hrs. For Groups of x2 or more people the cost is $275


    “Getting my Colours done was the best investment I ever made. I have literally spent thousands of dollars over the years on clothes I never wore. After my Colours Australia session, I could not believe how amazing I looked in my season and I have never looked back. It seriously changes your life - guaranteed.”

    Sarah - Colours Australia Client.


  • Style Classes

    Do some styles of clothes just not feel like you? Can other people pull off a certain style when it leaves you looking strange?


    We all have a unique personality to represent through our clothing and style choices. Discovering your style personality is the next level in dressing for the image that is reflective of you as the individual you are.


    The Colours Australia half-day Style Personality class will help you to discover what style of clothing suits your personality and body shape to project your truest self.


    Making shopping and looking great a simple and enjoyable experience.


    Cost for a Style Class $320per person and takes approx. 2hrs. This session can also be done virtually online at a time that suits you.


    *We recommend doing a Colour Analysis before a Style Personality Class to get the most out of your wardrobe and style building.



  • Here what my clients have to say

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    Having my colours done by Hayley was no joke one of the best decisions I ever made.

    Shopping is so much easier now! I can walk into a store and know within a few minutes if what they have will suit me.

    Getting ready is no longer a drama. Me before getting my colours done: “I want to wear this top…but what jacket will I wear…and with what shoes?!” *insert tears and frustration*

    After getting my colours done: “Ohhh wow…who knew that I could pair this red with lime green! How cool! My rose boots will match and so will these earrings” *insert surprise and confidence*

    After my session with Hayley I’ve only bought colours in my autumn palette and everything goes together. Getting ready now is fun! I truly believe it’s something every man and woman needs to invest in to save time shopping, save money on getting the right colours and to look radiant and BE confident!


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    My experience with Hayley has been so wonderful. It started when I meet a lady at my playgroup who after seeing her every week for 1 year she all of a sudden looked different. I asked her if she had been on holidays ? What was different ? After the 3rd week she said she had her "colours done". The transformation was that that I got Hayley's number off her straight away.

    The experience with Hayley has been wonderful. Firstly Hayley is warm , professional and extremely good at what she does. She builds rapport easily and has a lot of knowledge that brings you complete confidence. The process of finding your colours is fun and based on the science of the colour wheel. You see the results instantly. Since having my colours done I have a new confidence is choosing colours that really suit me and enhance me. I have since refereed a number of friends and family who have all felt the experience equally as positive and beneficial. Once you have done this you can't go back to the way you used to shop ...


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    "It really is amazing to see how much brighter and healthier you can look by wearing the best colour clothes and makeup that suit you. I had always struggled when buying clothes and had a wardrobe of items I barely wore. However, since discovering which colours suit me best, shopping has become a pleasure again and I get so much more wear out of having a wardrobe where the colours all blend well and look good together."


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    “Getting my Colours done was the best investment I ever made. I have literally spent thousands of dollars over the years on clothes I never wore.

    After my Colours Australia session I could not believe how amazing I looked in my season and I have never looked back. It seriously changes your life - guaranteed.”



    "It's no exaggeration to say that my life has changed since having my colours done! The biggest difference is in how polished and professional I feel at work. It's one of the best investments I've ever made"


    Getting my Colours done" has been a transformative experience. At 28 years old people were assuming I was close to 40!!! As soon as I transitioned to my colours people started asking if I'd lost weight, and saying that I looked so different. My season is Summer and the colours are all the cool pastel shades. Lots of pretty periwinkle and cornflower blues. They look great, but I was always afraid of wearing blue before because I thought it washed me out. Now it's my power colour."


  • Gift Vouchers

    Giving someone a priceless gift of confidence is the best present ever. Consider a Gift Voucher for your loved one.


    Gift Vouchers are available for both Colour Analysis and Style Classes.


    Email coloursbyh@gmail.com if you like more information.

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